40 ways to save

24 ways to save

These are the
40 ways you could
save with Youi.

From the colour of your car to how often you’re at home, there are 40 ways you could save on your insurance.

How many apply to you?

  • Don’t drive to work.

  • Pay your premium annually, instead of by monthly instalments.

  • Drive less than 10km to work.

  • Roadside assistance included with comprehensive Car & Motorcycle policies.

  • Park securely during the day.

  • Use car in trip to work 2 days or fewer.

  • Pay only one excess for one claims event, if you have multiple policies insured with Youi.

  • Mobile phone not used while driving.

  • Obtained licence before turning 19.

  • Covered for up to $7,500 due to slowly escaping water; a higher limit than most insurers offer.

  • No demerit points.

  • No tall trees (over 2 storeys tall) within 20 metres of home buildings.

  • No gas appliances at home.

  • Have a light-coloured car.

  • House is less than 5 years old.

  • House has a tiled roof.

  • Home has an alarm system installed.

  • Been with current insurer for over 5 years.

  • 12 months of landlord’s loss of rent after an insured event; more than what most insurers offer.

  • Home occupied day and night.

  • No car modifications.

  • Unused premium portion refunded if car’s written off at claim’s time.

  • Cover for up to $750 worth of contents included with car policies.

  • Park securely, in a private and locked garage at night.

  • Boat not used for watersports.

  • Boat only used in inland waterways.

  • No claim in the last 3 years.

  • No additional excess for natural disasters.

  • Boat is 5-8 years old.

  • Caravan or trailer is less than 10 years old.

  • Owned motorbike for over 1 year.

  • No swimming pool.

  • Emergency pet accommodation after an insured event.

  • On a full licence.

  • Motorcycle used in trip to work 1 day a week or less.

  • Registered owner of another vehicle.

  • Investment property managed through an agent.

  • Never had insurance cancelled.

  • No shed on property.

  • Buy online, and get a 15% discount.

Our Policy Wordings contain full details of cover, including limitations or exclusions that apply.


How did Youi decide on these 40 ways?

Insurance is all about risk. When we’re calculating your premium, we ask you questions that help us understand your risk. Each of these 40 ways are tied to a lower risk rating. The lower the risk, the lower the premium.

Savings due to behaviour based risk factors are compared to Youi customers who don’t display the behaviour and based on internal data. Information current as at February 2018.

I tick a lot of these boxes. How come my premium’s still high?

Our team of actuaries and underwriters (fancy titles for insurance nerds) are tasked with assessing all of the risk data that we have and anticipating where you fit into it. While you might be less risky in some of the 40 ways, you might be extra risky in others. It’s all a big balancing act that ultimately determines that number you see at the end of your quote.

All Youi premiums are subject to rating and underwriting, and savings based on your own individual circumstances.