How to Stay Safe While Playing Pokémon Go

It's only been around for a couple days now, but Pokémasters have already experienced their fair share of bumping into walls and tripping over things as they try to catch a Squirtle while playing Pokémon Go.

We get that like most of us here at Youi (particularly our IT department) you'll probably stay glued to your Pokémon Go game for a while longer, and we want to make sure you stay safe while doing so.

So here are our top tips for catching 'em all, without having a fall.

How to play Pokémon safely if you're in the car:

1. Always bring a passenger when embarking on a Pokémon Go road trip

If you've noticed petrol line ups are longer than usual lately but prices haven't dropped, it's likely that most of the queue are on a Pokémon Go road trip. If driving around town throwing Pokéballs sounds like a great way to use up your fuel, remember that it's incredibly dangerous and illegal to use your mobile phone while driving.

So if you are planning a Pokémon road trip, bring along a passenger who can stare at the screen for you and give you directions. This way, you can focus on the road without being a hazard to yourself and others. 

2. If you're driving alone, forget it

Unless you have a passenger in the car who is able to play Pokémon Go for you, it's best to turn off your phone completely and keep it in the boot so you're not the least bit tempted to sneak a glance.

Unfortunately, not all drivers will be as self-controlled as you are which means there's a heightened risk for Pokémon-induced-collisions. It's therefore a good time to check up on your car insurance policy to ensure you're covered for things like an immediate replacement car in the event of a crash. 

3. If you're a passenger helping navigate, stay calm

If you've been bestowed with the honour of helping a driver navigate their Pokémon journey, then you have a responsibility to ensure they drive safely. This requires keeping calm and refraining from shouting things that could cause them to lose concentration on the road. Most importantly, never ask the driver to stop abruptly so you can throw a Pokéball in time. Accept that you won't be able to catch every Pokémon that you see.

How to play Pokémon safely if you're walking around:

4. Keep your phone at eye level

Walking while using a mobile device can cause serious injury, so be sure to take extra precautions when you venture out to capture that Jigglypuff. Your best bet is to hold your phone directly in front of your face, aligned with your nose, so that you can still keep your eyes on your path of travel. Be sure to constantly look around at your surroundings and keep close to the side of a walkway, out of the path of others. If you need to cross the street, put your phone in your pocket and resume playing once you've crossed safely. 

5. Keep a pocket flashlight on you at night

You never know when or where a Pokémon will appear, but you can count on the nocturnal ones, like Clefairy and Gastly, to show up only at night - which means you'll need to be prepared for walking around in the dark. Keep a pocket flashlight on you at all times incase you need to slip outside at night, and to make yourself visible on poorly lit roads.

Now for the serious question - Which level are you on? 




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