Insurance Claims From Netflix's Stranger Things That Would Likely Be Denied

by Julia Carter

By Julia Carter

They say home is where the heart is but for Joyce Byer, it's also where interdimensional monsters come to prey.

Set in Indiana, 1983, Netflix's new hit Stranger Things is any homeowner's nightmare. As she tears her home apart in a bid to find her missing son, Joyce literally finds her house turned upside-down.

If you've been watching the series wondering whether or not poor Joyce will be covered for all the damage caused to her home and contents, then wonder no more. Here are 3 insurance claims that would likely be denied.

*** Warning: Spoiler alerts ***

1. The Hole in the Wall

There are few circumstances where one might take an axe to their living room wall, and seeing a strange creature moving inside it is one of them. After hearing her son's voice, Joyce rips away her wallpaper to reveal Will trapped inside a flesh-like substance. She then smashes the wall with an axe, leaving a giant hole with a view of her front porch.

Despite having a really great alibi, Joyce's building insurance would not cover her for damage that she intentionally caused herself. Good thing her ex-husband comes to patch it up a few episodes later.

2. The Telephone

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Long before smartphones, families like the Byer's relied on good old fashioned landlines to keep in touch. Sadly for Joyce, a call from her missing son short circuits and completely fries her telephone while scorching the wall on which it sat. 

Unfortunately, scorching and heat without flames aren't covered under most building insurance policies so it's a good thing Joyce's boss at the convenience store is willing to front her a new phone. Twice. 

3. The Fire Damage in the Hallway


If you haven't seen the final episode yet, close this browser immediately because we're about to give away part of the ending.

In the season finale, Jonathan and Nancy carry out their plan to kill the monster which involves trapping it and setting it on fire. When the creature does go up in flames, there's a sense of hope that it's dead. While the monster's fate remains to be seen, what we do know for sure is the Byer's hallway will need to be rebuilt ASAP and since Jonathan lit fire to his own property, the damage won't be covered.

Unlike the Byer family or the rest of the Stranger Things crew, it's doubtful that you'll ever have to worry about protecting your home from an interdimensional monster but hey, stranger things have happened.

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Julia Carter

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