New Zealand's Most Haunted Houses

There are lots of boxes to tick on a homeowner's wish list, but 'haunted' isn't often one of them.

In addition to hearing things go bump in the night, owning a haunted house often comes with the fear of losing real estate value if potential buyers know its history. Insurance premiums could also be higher if the house is particularly old, although being haunted itself wouldn't have an impact.

So while you may not wish to buy one anytime soon, you may like to get into the Halloween spirit by reading up on some of New Zealand's most famous haunted houses.

Alberton House

Built in 1863, the Alberton House was once the 'party house' for Auckland's Colonial elite and was owned by the Kerr Taylor family. In addition to original furniture and possessions, the house seems to have also preserved the spirits of its former tenants. Many have reported seeing women dressed in Victorian clothes, including one man who asked a receptionist who the woman upstairs was only to be told he was the only one up there. According to, many psychics have "seen and felt things" in the house, including vanishing women and the ghosts of animals.

The Cameron Blockhouse

Built by farmer John Cameron during the New Zealand Wars in 1868 as a place of refuge for his family, this bulletproof blockhouse is said to have been haunted ever since Cameron returned from the war.

One story is that upon his return, Cameron found his wife and kids were missing and encountered a supernatural presence in his home. Others have reported a candle being lit every night despite the house being vacant.

The Carlile House

Shrouded in mystery and myths, the Carlile House in Auckland has become one of New Zealand's most haunted houses mainly through urban legend.

The house was built in 1986 as a school for boys and allegedly caught fire in 1912, resulting in 43 perished children. Some say their spirits wander around the corridors and up and down the stairs, but for the most part, the building's spooky reputation hails from its decayed and eerie exterior.

Ewelme Cottage

Perhaps one of the most unusual haunted house stories comes from the Ewelme Cottage in Remuera, built in 1863.

Former resident John Webster says that some people "have seen a cat running down the hall and disappearing through a wall."

If that's not spooky enough, he also claims two different women have been seen in the house, as well as a little girl sitting under an oak tree who is known to ask child visitors to play with her.

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