Study: Most popular car colours and which are the safest

When it comes to choosing a car colour, we each have our preferences - but across New Zealand, there's one colour we favour above all. Can you guess what it is?

We had a look at all of the cars that are insured with Youi New Zealand and ran some research on the most popular car colours. What we found was preferences vary by age groups and genders. Most importantly, our research also revealed which colours are more likely to be involved in a collision, and which colour is the safest (that is to say, the colour that has been involved in the least amount of crashes proportional to its popularity).

Here are some fun facts that our data revealed!

Which colour is most likely to be in an accident?

Our accident frequency research reveals that in general, dark coloured cars are more likely to be in an accident than lighter coloured cars, likely because they are less visible to other drivers on the road. Black coloured cars topped the list, followed by charcoal.

The exception to this is the colour white, which ranked highly in accident frequency despite its good visibility.

Which colour is the safest?

Interestingly, green is the safest car colour recording the lowest number of accident claims across New Zealand. This doesn't mean that if you buy a green car, you are less likely to have an accident. It simply tells us that green cars have been involved in the least amount of collisions, and this is moreso a reflection of the driver than it is the colour of the car.

What colour is the most popular?

New Zealand-wide, silver is the most popular car colour, with 21.89% of kiwis choosing it as their preferred hue. This could be due to many reasons, including its perceived visibility, the sheer availability of the colour by manufacturers and its higher resale value.

In addition to silver, the next most popular car colours on New Zealand roads include:

  • White - 19.11%
  • Blue – 13.65%
  • Black - 13.32%
  • Grey -  9.00%
  • Green – 4.88%

What are the preferences in Australia?

Meanwhile in Australia, preferences are a little different. White is the top choice, with 30% of Aussies insuring a white car with Youi, followed by:

  • Silver - 19.44%
  • Blue - 11.29%
  • Black - 10.43%
  • Grey -  8.02%
  • Red - 6.81%

What are the preferences amongst different ages and genders?

Preferences also vary amongst different ages and genders. Here's what we found:

  • The most popular colour for both male and female and across most ages are silver cars.
  • Pink cars are more than twice as popular for females compared to males.
  • Gold, Champagne and Beige are more popular for older clients across both genders.
  • For young males white is a stand out.
  • Black vehicles show a similar trend for both male and female, being most popular for drivers born between 1970-1990 but becoming less popular outside of this band.
  • Black is least popular for clients born prior to 1950, relative to other age brackets.

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Research Sources: Sample group Youi insured vehicles & claim accident frequency data 1/7/16 – 30/6/17.

Data is based on inforce vehicles as at 30/09/2017.

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