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Important Customer Update

Youi NZ Pty Limited has entered into a conditional agreement with Tower Insurance Limited for the transfer of Youi’s New Zealand insurance portfolio to Tower. More information on the Portfolio Transfer can be found within our FAQs, media statement and notice to customers.

If you have any enquiries or would like to know more about the transfer, please contact us on 0800 45 3684.

A different kind of car insurance.

We get that your car is different. It feels different, drives different, parks different. So when it comes to protecting it, shouldn’t your cover be a little bit different, too?

At Youi, there are heaps of ways you could save on your premium based on how you use or don’t use your car. From how you park it to where you keep it overnight, the little things that make your car story different could save you lots.

View the 40 ways to save here.

Car Products



Cover for accident, natural disasters, fire & theft + damage to someone else’s property + emergency roadside assistance

Third Party Fire & Theft


Cover for fire, theft and earthquake + damage to someone else’s property

Third Party Property Only


Cover for damage to someone else’s property

Which car insurance should I choose?

We get that one size fits all doesn’t actually fit all.

So while you’ll find we offer standard car insurance products like Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft and Third Party Property Only, you’ll also find they’re anything but standard.

With optional extras and flexible excesses, all of our car products can be tailored to the way you use your car and the cover that you’re after.

Not sure where to start? See which level of cover is closest to what you’re after, and we’ll go from there.

I want the broadest level of cover.

Comprehensive: You’re covered for damage caused by fire, theft, storm, flood, hail and accidents, regardless of who’s at fault. There’s up to $20mil cover for damage you cause to someone else’s property, and we’ve even included our 24/7 Roadside Assistance as standard.

I want broad cover, but I’m not fussed about covering damage to my own property.

Third Party Fire & Theft: Not too concerned about covering damage caused to your property? This one will cover you for damage caused to someone else’s property, as well as fire, theft and earthquakes.

I just want cover for if I damage someone else’s property.

Third Party Property Only: If covering the damage caused to your own car isn’t a major concern, then this one might do the trick. It’ll cover you for damage caused to someone else’s property.

Why should I switch?

We’ll give you 40 reasons. At Youi, there are 40 ways you could save on your premium. We think that’s a good enough reason to make the switch. Why not see which ways apply to you?

When should I switch?

Any time is a good time to switch insurers if it means being in better hands, saving more money or getting better value from your policy. At Youi, it could mean all three. Get a quote with us anytime to see if the time is right for you to make the switch.

Wondering How to switch?


Stuff happens. We've got a dedicated claims team to take care of you if it does

Roadside Assistance

We all hit a bump in the road now & again. Our Roadside Assistance crew are here to help when you do


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