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Protection for damages your car causes, plus a little more


Cover that’s there for you

Sometimes all you need on the road is a little peace of mind to know you’ll be looked after if things go wrong. Our third party fire & theft insurance covers you for damages that your car causes, and damage caused to your car by fire, theft or earthquakes. It also includes emergency accommodation, transport and repairs if your claim is accepted.

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What’s included?

This policy covers you against a range of insured events, and comes with some extra benefits too, like up to $750 for the contents in your car where a claim is accepted.

We’ve got you covered to the tune of $20 million for your legal liability, be it civil or reparation, to pay damages due to a claim for an accident that results in damage to someone else’s property.  There is also up to $1million cover for your legal liability to pay damages arising from accidental death or bodily injury.

We will cover your replacement car, when you trade in your current car, for up to 14 days after the purchase, if your replacement car is purchased for less than $100,000.

Cover for your car for damage caused by fire is included as standard.

Cover against loss or damage caused by theft or attempted theft is included.

Damage to the car caused by earthquake is automatically included.

If you’re involved in an insured event as a result of which your car isn’t safe to drive and you’re more than 100km from home, we’ll pay up to $1000 for your emergency accommodation, transport or repairs.

Cover includes the reasonable cost of towing and storage of the car to a suitable place for safekeeping nearest to the incident location after an insured event.

We’ve got your car covered and we’ll look after the contents inside it too up to $150 per item and $750 per claim.

Up to $1,500 per household member to cover the cost of counselling sessions after a claim.

What’s optional?

We don’t expect our standard policy to suit everyone, which is why we offer optional extras so you can choose just the right amount of cover for your car, and not an ounce less.

Choosing this optional cover means that no matter which insured event takes your car off the road we’ll provide you with a hire car for up to 14 days.

If you select this optional cover, your unbraked trailer will be covered for up to $2500 if it’s damaged accidently or intentionally or as a result of Storm, Flood, Theft and Earthquake. 

If your business items are stolen from a locked boot or lockable compartment, or damaged as a result of an insured event, we’ve got you covered. We’ll replace each item up to $200, with a maximum amount of $1000 per claim.

Cover for your contents inside your campervan or motorhome if they are lost or damaged as a result of an insured event.

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