25 November 2016

Youi teams rally to support earthquake victims

Youi’s teams responded quickly to assist by proactively calling customers in earthquake affected areas. The claims teams successfully contacted clients to find out how they were doing, to offer support and to let them know who to contact once they were ready to report their claims. Following this, where claims were reported, Youi’s assessors were on the ground to assist and assess damage.

Youi urged its customers to:

  • Stay safe, your personal safety is most important.
  • Check your property: only access your home if it’s safe to do so. When in doubt, stay out.
  • Check for damage to the structure and to water, gas and electrical connections; also check for any liquid spills or loose items that may present a danger.
  • Report any concerns and get expert help to sort out problems.
  • Photograph damaged property and contents.
  • Call us on 0800 00 YOUI (9684) to report your claim.

Customers have welcomed contact from Youi. Melanie in Marlborough stated “Thank You and especially the wonderful Charmaine at claims for her amazing fast efficient help under extremely stressful and dangerous time. She helped with the chimney that was about to fall into our roof and potentially endangering my two children as it was about to go at any time!!! The work was started early in the morning and made safe and liveable by the afternoon.”

Peter Broome, Head of Operations, stated: “We really feel for everyone who has been affected by the quake and we’re here to help to get people back on their feet. We’ve arranged counselling for those who need it and we’re contacting our customers so that they know who to call when they’re ready to report their claims. There’s nothing more important than their personal safety and we remind our customers to only access their properties if it is safe.”

Our claims teams are ready to hear from you so please call 0800 00 YOUI (9684) for any queries or claims assistance. Also check out