13 December 2016

"Lodge your earthquake claim directly with us" Youi advises its customers.

Following the Kaikoura earthquakes, we’ve worked hand in hand with the EQC and Insurance Council of NZ to simplify the claims process and help our customers get back on their feet faster. We welcome the EQC’s announcement that customers whose homes and contents were damaged in the earthquakes can report their claims directly to us in the first instance; we will then handle the assessments and settlements, including claims that are under the EQC cap. It is a departure from EQC’s standard practice and a significant stride forward that will greatly benefit our customers.

Following the quake, we proactively contacted customers in affected areas to offer support and to let them know who to contact once they were ready to report their claims. Our assessors were also on the ground to assist and assess damage where claims were reported. The new process is in place and we urge customers to report their claims to us as soon as they can. The EQC will pass the claims onto us where our customers have already lodged home building or contents claims with them.

Youi’s Head of Communications, Trevor Devitt, commented: "We keenly anticipated the outcome and welcome the decision. It’s a great win for our customers because they now have a single point of contact. Once they report their claims to us, we’ll manage the process from start to finish. It’s an opportunity for us to show our commitment to awesome service and to help our customers get back on their feet."

Youi urges customers to:

  • Stay safe; your personal safety is most important.
  • Check your property: only access your home if it’s safe to do so. When in doubt, stay out.
  • Check for damage to the structure and to water, gas and electrical connections; also check for any liquid spills or loose items that may present a danger.
  • Report any concerns and get expert help to sort out problems.
  • Photograph damaged property and contents.