Online Promotion Terms and Conditions


  1. A discount may be available on certain Youi Policies that are initiated via an online quotation subject to these terms and conditions and any revisions in accordance with paragraph 6 (“the Online Discount Promotion”).  

  2. To qualify for the Online Discount Promotion, the Youi Policy must meet the eligibility criteria set out in these terms and conditions (“Eligibility Criteria”).

  3. To meet the Eligibility Criteria the Youi Policy must be initiated:

    1. by quotation commenced at;

    2. on or after 25 August 2017.

  4. Paragraphs 2 - 3 are collectively referred to as “the Eligibility Criteria”.

  5. For the avoidance of doubt, the Online Discount does not apply to any Youi Policy initiated directly via telephone call or any Youi Policy where the Eligibility Criteria has not been met.

  6. The terms and conditions and Eligibility Criteria applied to the Online Discount may change over time, so if for example a customer amends or chooses to renew a Youi Policy that has an Online Discount, it may be subject to different terms and conditions in force at that time, or it may no longer apply.

  7. The Online Discount rate will be the rate that applies in accordance with the terms and conditions that were published at on the earlier of; the date the policy is purchased, or the contract period start date.  The Online Discount applies for the contract period only.

  8. The Online Discount Promotion is not available with any other discount, offer or promotion.

  9. Youi policies are subject to our usual underwriting and pricing criteria and Policy Wording as they apply to each contract period.

  10. The Online Discount Rate applies to the base premium excluding government charges.  

Online Promotion discount rate as at 18 February 2018: 15%